Sunday, April 08, 2007

Fuming Mad!!!

If having a big hole in central defense is bad enough and a disaster, what is an own goal? Mr Rio Ferdinand handed Portsmouth the 3 points and even John O'Shea's moment of brilliance could not help Man Utd get back a point at least. Ferdinand was handed the captain's armband today and a captain should always inspire his team to win, not score own goals!

If you want to tap the ball back to the goalkeeper, tap it back properly and of course, in the right direction! Ferdinand was great, maybe about 4-5 years back. Now, his laspes of concentration and slipping into daze is getting more apparent and Sir Alex Ferguson should really consider getting a few more defenders. Not only to take over Ferdinand asap, but also to "get rid of" Wes Brown and to cover Gary Neville who is going to retire in a few years time. Of course we have the ever trustworthy and loyal Heinze, Vidic, Evra and O'Shea who can simply take charge of defense, but who is going to take their place should they be injured?

Now, I simply just miss Ronny Johnsen's, Gary Pallister's, Steve Bruce's and Jaap Stam's presence in central defense... When Ferdinand first came to Man Utd, I once thought he would go down into my memory as a central defender worthy of my respect like Johnsen, Pallister, Bruce and Stam; now, I know he would not...

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