Saturday, April 14, 2007

Busy & Tiring Friday

On Thursday nite, I hardly slept at all. I was waiting for Jan's flight details to be confirmed and then, Dear came over. I chose not to sleep, because I was afraid I would not wake up in time to see her off at the airport. 1055 flight meant reaching at airport around 0830 meant leaving the house by 0745 meant waking up at 0615. After everything was confirmed it was close to 1am already, so Dear and I went for supper at Al-ameen, so we could stay up! But I gave in close to 5am and took a power nap, while Dear played DOTA on the computer in the living room.

Went to airport to see Jan off. When she started crying, I held back. I tahannnnnn, really toooonnnngggg all the way till she went in, saw her mum cry while her nephew asked where "姑姑 (aunt) is going", till her mum ask me where I "going now", till deciding where to eat with Dear, till Dear went to toilet. When Dear was in the toilet, I could no longer hold back the tears. When Dear came out of the toilet, he saw my wet eyes and kept saying, "want to cry, cry lah." But I want to cry because I'm happy for her for the fact that she's fulfilling her longest dream, not because I'm sad to see her leave Singapore and be based in a foreign land for like don't know how long and because I won't get to see her for like don't know how long.

Went to town, ate brunch, went to buy stuff, by the time I reached home was almost 3pm already. Unpacked the stuff I bought and put them properly, washed up, etc, it was almost 5pm already. Meeting friends at 8pm meant leaving at 7.15pm, meant preparing at 6pm. So, 1 hour nap? I decided not to sleep and study. Less than half an hour, I gave in. I need the nap. I slept, alarm rang and rang, only woke up at 6.45pm. Ended up reaching at 9pm by cab but the rest were later... Hehe...

Went to MOX, a non-smoking bar and drank very very little. I swear! It was definately less than a quarter of the cup, less than 3 mouthfuls. It was a Screwdriver, only with Absolut Peach, rather than Absolut Vodka. It tasted better than any other Screwdrivers I've tasted, don't know it was because Absolut Peach really goes with orange juice better than normal Vodkas, or the orange juice was fantastic (we could not taste the Vodka). After that we played pool for a little while and then went for supper at Lau Pat Sat. While waiting for a cab home, I sms-ed Jan, hoped she could receive it. By the time I reached home, it was close to 5am, so I only managed to sleep around 6am. Woke up just now at noon, but went back to sleep again, waking up at 3pm instead.

Check to see if Jan sms-ed back but no reply for her. Don't know how she is now till I read her bf's blog and logged into friendster to know that she has arrived safely.

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