Monday, April 23, 2007

Excuses & Loads Of BS!

My method of studying: copying out the important stuff from the textbook and combining them with notes taken during lessons and form my own set of notes. I know when I'm tired, concussed, bored, restless, and all the "whatevers" when the following happen...

1) I make all sorts of freaking excuses to "take a break", for eg: finishing up my drink real fast so I can make a trip to the kitchen and "take a break".
2) I no longer try to understand what I'm copying and just copy word for word.
3) I can copy wrongly and instead of "which took" I wrote "whick toow".
4) I look at my lappy, click around at stuff which I did just an hour ago, for eg: Starhub telescope online to check for programs when I'm not even watching tv and I already know the timings of the programs I want to watch.
5) I made an excuse to say I need a break though I was watching Amazing Race All Stars just now, and just sitting there, stoning and watching. One hour of tv, and yet I still say I need a break.
6) I RE-start (read: again & again) thinking what are the things I want to do to my blog to "revamp" it and I know already what I want to do!!!
7) I check who's online though I know I won't message them cos I want to study. I just want to pry my eyes and attention from the (as of now) 376 pages of text and 19 pages of lecture notes awaiting for my attention.
8) I yawn for the Nth time in 10 minutes.
9) I look longingly at my beloved bed.
10) I stare out of my window, look at the block opposite blankly and can't see shit.
11) I stare at my fingernails and cuticles and start thinking if I should take the file out though I just filed them 3 days back.
12) I look and stare at my schedule and working roster, though I know when I'm working, know that I'm behind time and know how many days I have left to exam.
13) I sing to the songs broadcasting on my lappy, pen not moving.
14) Last but not least, when I blog.

Damn! I need to concentrate!!! I'm sooooooo behind time, so 10 more pages (cos that's the end of the chapter) before bed time! I think I'm so gonna hate political science...

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