Friday, April 20, 2007

Childhood Silly Memories Part 3

I haven't been doing this childhood memories thingy for a very long time...

Date: Pre-primary & primary school days
Time: Hmm, anytime?
Venue: At home
Activity: Playtime!
Silly Me: Besides keeping you warm, blankets have many other uses, as I discovered while playing with them when I was younger.
1) I'm a big vainpot. From young, I always wanted to have long hair. So I would take a blanket, place it over my head and secure it using clothes pegs, ah-mah clips, hairbands, rubber bands, etc and pretended I had long silky tresses. Being so intrigued by those Chinese period dramas and those hairstyles they had, I would pretend those ugly clothes peg were my jewel-decorated jade hair ornaments.
2) Again being influenced by those period dramas, I would drape the blanket over my shoulders and pretended to be a princess. With the blanket dragging on the floor, I would walk around in my "robe" pretending to look pretty. I would never forget how many times I had to tug at it so it would hang and drape nicely on my small frame. After taking a few steps, it's tugging time again. But after a while, I would be perspiring, and I would get throw the blanket away and played something else. However, after a while, it would be back to the "pretending to be princess" game with the blanket, fully knowing so well, it's gonna be damn hot!
3) Me, the big vainpot, pretending to be Miss Universe or Miss World or something like that. Draping the blanket, as a "robe" over myelf as I got crowned.
4) Period drama time again. You know those flowing curtains and silkscreens? In my days, made of blankets.
5) Think I've used blankets as tablecloths during pretend times too. If during dining times, I would have gotten killed by my mum.
6) I would play "pretend sick and dying in hospital". With the blanket right up to my neck and one hand sticking out for the "drip", silly me would be perspiring again after a short while.

Its just funny now recalling how blankets can do so much when I was younger. Now, blankets only keep me warm.

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