Monday, April 09, 2007

Amazing Amazing Race

Uchenna & Joyce came in last in this week's episode in Amazing Race: All Stars and were eliminated. Why this episode was amazing was due to certain reasons...
1) I actually got up early at 8am to watch the simulcast from the US.
2) Coming in first last week, they took very very risky decision and kind of stupid too, and thus ended up in last place.
3) When you depart from the pit start, in cases of travelling to another country, the clue will tell you which airport to land in that country and which mode of transport (walk, taxi, drive, public transport, etc) you should take to your "first" destination upon arriving that country. From there you will retrieve your next clue which either informs you to go to another destination, or perform a roadblock or detour. It was the first time I saw a clue that said: "Take a taxi to the next pit stop..."

Uchenna and Joyce were almost the first to get tickets to fly out, but they took a very risky route, choosing one that only allowed an hour of connection time for transit. For most international flights, you need at least 45 minutes and any delays will cause you to miss the flight. They had gotten a concierge to help them book tickets and could have asked him to find alternate routes, or do it themselves, before comfirming on this risky route. Always consider all options before deciding...
While waiting to check in, they were talking to three other teams, Ozzy and Danny, Dani and Eric, and the Beauty Queens, who were on a "safer" route but would arrive slightly later. Mirna and Charla managed to research their way through the internet for a much earlier flight. All the three teams cautioned them that it was too risky, and I was wondering if rules would allow them to change flights after getting tickets, which I think they should be able to, because Dani and Eric did it once.
If I were them, I would reconsider and tried to change for the flight they were taking because there are three other teams with you as an "insurance." Uchenna and Joyce are aggressive racers, but I never thought they would take such a kind of risk, knowing that there are three other teams on the same flight. Reaching early in the next destination does gives you lead time to do the tasks, but if there are three teams together with you, it just boils down to who completes the tasks faster. In the end, their first flight touched down ten minutes late and thus they missed the connecting flight.
By the time they touched down, all four other teams had already completed the tasks and were checked in. Hence, that was the reason why the clue read: "Take a taxi to the next pit stop..." when they arrived at Batu Caves, the "first" destination upon arriving in Malaysia.

I was kinda of sad, but now am ok. Maybe I would feel sadder if they had lost because they finished the tasks last. Now, I hoping either the Beauty Queens or Ozzy and Danny will get the million bucks. I just can't stand Charla and Mirna and Eric's too bitchy for my liking. I kind of thinks he bullies Dani too! She always ends up doing the tough roadblocks and Eric gets all the less physically challenged ones, I really pity Dani as being his girlfriend... Poor girl...
The Beauty Queens are really seemingly nice (not as bitchy as Eric), though they yielded Dani and Eric in this week's episode. They soak up the pressure, are polite to the locals (not like Mirna who always shouts at people) and not extremely cunning (the opposite of Rob and Amber). Nice people will have their rewards and I hope they will be rewarded with that one million bucks!
My reason of backing Ozzy and Danny, I think they are damn funny.

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