Friday, April 06, 2007

Soccer Stuff

The reason given for Lampard's absence from the Andorra match was because he had a "hairline fracture" in his hand/ wrist/ arm and though the medics had cleared him to play, McClaren chose the "safer" option to keep him out of the action instead.
My opinion: drop say drop lah... Most non-Chelsea fans know already for the fact that playing Gerrard and Lampard together will only hamper England's chance of winning because...
- Lampard can't defend for nuts and thus Gerrard has to "cover" Lampard's defensive duties.
- When Gerrard "covers" for Lampard, he does not has much chances to roam and attack like when he plays for Liverpool.
- When those chances are cut down, England's attacking options are also limited.
Then some may argue, "Lampard can attack what!" Did I hear attack? Hello, wake up your idea ok?! Gerrard can shoot straight and score, whereas Lampard NEEDS a deflection to score, no deflection, no goal.

The Man Utd vs. Roma game was what I call a disaster. Putting one dreamer by the name of Rio Ferdinand in central defense is bad enough. Putting another dreamer by the name of Wes Brown, Ferdinand's good friend, to partner him spells disaster! With Roma's constant attack, it was obvious that two dreamers together do not equal to a "Mcdreamy" situation. Heinze plays in central defense, just swop him and Brown around, the hole not that obvious, maybe we could have drawn the game with Rooney's goal and not lose 2-1.
If I could have Mrs Incredible's power and become Elastigirl, I would have stretch my hands all the way to Italy and slap the daylights out of those two dreamers to wake them up. And slap the legs of Brown's for helping let in the first goal by trying to clear the ball which deflected it to the left and into the goal while Van der Sar had already covered the angle.
Ref spoilt the game by putting Man Utd down to 10 men half an hour into the game. That's wayyyyyyy to early! It was kinda obvious that Totti, such an experienced player, could have been play-acting and Scholes did not get any warning even before the first yellow was flashed in his face.
Carrick, as always, being Mr Invisible, added to the already big hole in the middle with the absence of Scholes.
The good part was, the subs were warming up, including Chris Eagles, and at least I managed to see him after such a llloooongggg time. But I guess, he didn't had a chance to get into action due to tactic change because of one man down.
The funny part was when these subs were warming up, Alan Smith wasn't concentrating; because when (I forgot who) a Man Utd player fell due to a challange, Smith rose his hands up, as if as he was in the playing field. Haha...
Anyway, I didn't finish the game. I was too angry with Brown and the sending off and went to sleep. Bleh!

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