Friday, April 06, 2007

F1, MLB & Other Yak Yak

F1 coming to Singapore? I'm for it! Thinking of it, is just so exciting! But it's still in the "talking" stages...

MLB season has started, but I have not watched any games yet. Must remember to watch ah!!! But there's another catch... Can I wake up so early? Hehe...

My ears are driving me nuts, especially my left ear. They keep having this "on the aeroplane feeling", the kinda "bubble in the ear" feeling. Sometimes, it's so bad, when customers speak a slightly softer, I can't hear a thing. Maybe I like Phua Chu Kang, need someone to blow a whistle into my ear to "clear" it.
But what I really is a doctor to check it. When I wake up, its ok, but as I get through the day, it gets worse and worse.
People tell me to drink water, swallow salivia, hold my nose and close my mouth and breath out forcefully, bend down, etc. In the beginning, one of these methods used at any one time will keep me ok for at least a week. Now during a day, I can be using any of these methods several times.
Maybe when I wake up tomorrow and bath, I should just spray water into my ear.

I'm kinda slow in doing my notes this time. Maybe no sense of urgency because exam's in 12th May. But I have no time. I have to constantly remind myself that I have not done the essay proper yet, which might be actually good news. Taiwan just came up with some draft constitution a few days earlier and China's still "responding" to it. Luckily, I have not spend much time on my essay yet, if not, I would have wasted it totally!

Saying that, I spend much time blogging today. Gotta gambatte, do some notes before sleeping because tomorrow gotta work.

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