Thursday, April 12, 2007

Gal, Take Care!

Throughout my 3 years in Poly, the happiest and most enjoyable times must definately be the days when I keep late nights or even stay overnight in school dealing with my projects or when the editing machines don't hang on me. But nothing beats the days and times with my softball team: the birthdays sabo, mudfight, trainings, camps, dinners, pool sessions, etc. The closest kakis I have from my Poly days, are from my softball team, without any doubt.

One of them will be leaving for Dubai in a few hours' time. As of now, she still yet to receive any flight details except knowing that she will be on a Cathay Pacific flight tomorrow and transiting in Hong Kong. If they gonna call later and say she's on the 0800 flight tomorrow, I'll be damn pissed! Where got time to sleep and double-check if everything's packed in?!

Anyway, I'm damn sad to see her go, she'll be based there for minimally half a year! But the sad and selfish side has to go away because being a cabin crew has been her dream for the longest time, so I should be happy for her instead because she's fulfilling her dreams. But, she won't be in Singapore for minimally six months, and its a blardi long time! I was still kinda hoping that if she flies to Singapore and stop over for a few days, we can still meet up, but the airline she's joining does not fly to Singapore!!!

We call each other "gal", something which we once asked each other, "when we started calling each other gal ah?" Now I won't be hearing that voice calling me "gal" for quite some time...

Gal, must take care k? Try to come online as much as possible and once you get your line there, inform all of us k? Must stay in contact hor! Update your blog, friendster, etc to keep us updated on what's happening. I will miss you deep deep one, especially your suan-ing. Hehe... If you need us to send anything over to you, let us know... I know I very naggy, but call back to your family often k?

I'm very scared I'll cry buckets at the airport tomorrow, must remember to bring tissue... Just typing this entry is making me cry already... Ahhhh, I just can't bear the thought of her not being around!!!

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