Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I Can't Help It!

I thought I could survive through today without blogging. I thought I had the perseverance to study all the way through without needing a long break like blogging. I thought I had the perseverance to just take short breaks like going to the toilet or refilling my caffeine dose. But, its all Glenn Ong and the Flying Dutchman's (FD) fault!

If I am awake anytime from 6am to 10am and not watching tv or any activity that uses the ears, I would tune into Class95's Morning Express. I love the banters that they throw up, anything from body parts, to sports, to "useless" information, pratically anything under the sun! They were reporting sports news and FD was talking about Man Utd's game with AC Milan tonight and was rattling off the names of Man Utd players who are injured. Glenn Ong said this and I really had to log in to blog. Glenn Ong said...

"But still, Man U's gonna win Milan 6-1"

Haha! How can I not blog this?!

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