Monday, March 30, 2009

Excuse? Whatever!

In a bid to make myself less porcupine-y, I treated myself to a little retail therapy after work just now.

Mango was offering a 20% discount for members, and me being a Mango fan, and blah-blah-cut-long-story-short, I spent $292 in all.

Now now, which rational should I use to make my bank account feel better?
a) I spent $365 but got a top and a tube free?
b) I got $73 in discount?
c) I got everything at 20% discount and avoided the scenario of looking island-wide for a size during the sames period?

Haha! Whatever it is, I do feel a little less porcupine-y now! But be careful, don't ruffle my "needles"...


Eric Banana said...

Hmmm, since when did anyone need a reason to shop?! Your bank account is inanimate - it probably won't feel better anyway :P

Okay okay, I am evil :(

IMO, you should have diversified your purchases instead of getting everything from Mango - more variety mah :) Then again, I am a sucker for certain brands too lar.

Jas aka paced said...

True also... but... then again, i'm a sucker for Mango. LOL