Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Nicholas Zhang Dong Liang 张栋梁 Autograph Session @ The Heeren

One of my posts that had been sitting realllllly long in the drafts. Couldn't really get to sleep the other nite, so decided to finish a bit of it... Finally, this is done! hahaha...

Since young, I've been to quite a few autograph sessions to ogle at my favourite artistes in flesh. I've always been at the receiving end of it, getting my CDs signed, say a quick hello, shake hand, or even hug these artistes. And most of the times, I'm the one getting fustrated with the organizers for not doing this and that.

But on July 11th, I got to experience what was it like to be on the other side of the fence. Not every single little teeny weeny detail would go according to what you planned or what you had imagined it to be. Thank God for his blessings and grace!

Also would like to thank these people for giving me such a brilliant on-the-job experience textbook can't teach!
- I had help from an experienced marketing team at The Heeren who have dealt with such events before. They were brilliant and were such a great help, helping out in all small little nitty gritty details so the event could be carried out smoothly. Thank You!
- I had help from a security team, which acted really fast, did up barricades in such a short time, did a great job at crowd control, and acted as past of a human wall when needed... Thank You!
- The fans were brilliant and so cooperative that I wish I will face such fans in future for all other events! An event had ended earlier, but before the stage could be barricaded, they had swamped round the stage. But they were damn nice lah! I told them I needed about 45 minutes to set up the area for the autograph session and needed them to not crowd the stage meanwhile. Within 5 minutes, some left, some hanged around nearby but no longer directly in front of the stage and cleared that much needed space for set up to be done. So sweet rite? Thank You!
- Last but not least, of cos, Thank You Warner for letting us play a part in this album's promotions.
- And of cos, my boss... Thank You for giving me such a chance. It was crazily busy, but I really enjoyed the experience and the learning process of putting together such an event.

Talk so much, some of you might be wondering how Nicholas Zhang Dong Liang 张栋梁 is really like in person right? Truth to be told, I did not have the chance to interact with him much, cos I was working on site, rather than chatting with him.
But during those few sparse minutes I managed to see him, I can tell he is a very nice, warm, down-to-earth, friendly person. Definitely not your diva-ish kinda celebrity! He's TALL, according to me, someone who is pretty vertically challenged, he might be probably about 180+cm. Hello, that's TALL for me lah!
And before I say the next comment, let me just set a disclaimer... Different people for different taste ok? He's actually quite good-looking, quite cute, quite suave, the type that would make girls melt and weak at the knees and/or the type which mums would like their daughters to bring home... But not exactly my type in the looks department, I still think my fave guy celebs rank higher.... Dun hate me, we just have different taste! *runs*

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