Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Remembering Frank McCourt

In recent years, some movie screenplays have been published as books, but like some others, the book existed first before it was made into a movie. In the case of the highly-acclaimed movie, Angela Ashes, the "book version" existed before the movie.

Written by Frank McCourt, the book talked about his life in Ireland, his almost-always drunk dad and how poor they were during the days of the Depression. I'm not a very avid reader, but I could say I've read quite a few books and Angela Ashes was one I cried and laughed with.
His 2nd book was 'Tis. He talked about his life when he came back to America (he went back to Ireland during the Depression) and about his youth.
3rd book was Teacher Man, which sadly, I didn't have the time to finish, and I first picked the book up in August 06!

I'm not a very "literature" person, and I can't really describe or go at length why I like his writing. But when I start reading his books, I find it hard to pause or put the book down. I would read and flip the pages, almost addicted. Which is partly the reason why I have not finished Teacher Man till now.

May God bless his family...

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