Monday, March 23, 2009

October 4th Was Happening!

This is a damn back dated post which was sitting in the drafts for a little more than 5 months. Haven't had time to properly blog about it till recently...

This day in 2008 is a very special day for me. It marked the end of a stage in my life and it was also a day where I met up with some friends whom I see about once or twice a year and get to scream my lungs out. It was the day of my graduation ceremony and A*Mei was in town for her concert. However, I was kinda afraid I would have to skip one initially.
I had already bought a ticket for A*Mei's concert, then, came the news that the ceremony would be held on a Saturday in October. I was so hoping that the dates and times would not clash! Thank God they did not.

On that day, a few hundreds of us gathered at Ritz Carlton. We had to arrive much earlier than our guests for a ceremony briefing and rehearsal. After that, a few of us went to Pasta de Waraku at Marina Square for lunch. After lunch, we were back at the hotel to robe for the ceremony.

After the ceremony, there was a high tea buffet spread, but it was considered dinner for me. Some of my friends hung out later, but I was having a fabulous time at the Indoor Stadium.
A*Mei as usual was always teasing the crowd. I remember there was one moment where she was talking about her taking part in a musical in Japan, where she played a queen. My friend beside me let out a cheer. She turned over to us and asked teasingly, "皇后有设么好叫的 (what's there to cheer for when i said queen)?" and a few of us started cheering. She then paused for a second or 2, looked at us and said "皇后 (queen)", and our whole group of us starting cheering. She laughed and gave a signal to stop, like how an orchestra consuctor signals a stop by closing his/her palm. She then paused for a second or 2, still looking at us and said "皇后 (queen)". This time round, the entire stadium roared.
Besides singing her own songs, she also sang Stefanie Sun's 天黑黑 and Alicia Key's If I Ain't Got You, which was damn damn good!
Can't wait for the next time she comes to Singapore... I'm missing my diva already...

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