Monday, February 09, 2009

Bad Start To A New Week

I made a big boo-boo at work today. Something I feel that it is one of those most serious-than-serious kinda mistake.

Though more than 10 hours has past, I can't help feeling guilty, sorry, having that kinda spongy-squishy-sourish-tangled heart with a knife stabbed into it. Boss had harsh words and did not flare up at me, which made me feel even much worse. I really really know I have such a great lovely wonderful boss, but today after what had happened, I questioned myself, "What/ Why/ How did I deserve to have such a super duper uber fabulous boss?"

Although I'm still feeling sorry for my mistake, I must try not to let it bog me down or affect me negatively. I must treat it as a lesson learnt, grow from it, and avoid such mistakes or any others in the future.

To my dearest friends, thanks for being there for me this afternoon. Although I did not say much, I'm really touched and happy you guys gave me support and encouragment. Really appreciate it...

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