Friday, January 30, 2009

Why Is This Happening?!

I seriously do not know how I want to write this post. Right now, I'm just feeling a HUGE mix of emotions...

My heart just sank as though weighed down by a million or even gazillion tons. My stomach's churning. I'm tearing. I have the urge to question God or maybe even shout at Him. But yet, I feel inspired, motivated and even more determined to win this battle. My hatred for this enemy has been renewed and the intensity of this hatred has increased.

Just die and fuck off because you have now left 2 kids motherless! When are you going to stop?! Just when?!?!

A memorial will be held for Shin this Saturday, 31st Jan. For more details, please drop by her blog.

Shin, thanks for showing me your feisty spirit against cancer.

I'm speechless... I dunno how to carry on with this post...


Anonymous said...

yo hey there,

I don't know if you're christian or not, but just in case you are, I think it would reflect better if you didn't use vulgarities while appearing to show respect to Him in the same post. Or even in two separate posts, for that matter.

Jas aka paced said...

Hi Anonymous,
My apologies if it offended you. The vulgarity was actually targetted at cancer, not God. You would have to know my history with cancer to know why I hate cancer so much.