Friday, June 20, 2008

Krispy Kreme Was Disappointing...

As I was saying, I was looking forward to Vegas because of the shopping. And guess where we went the next day...But when my mum saw this, I kena niam, "We have in the fridge right? How come you buy again? One whole box in the fridge haven't finish and you buy again..."
Besides staying in a good location justifying the lok kok kok-ness of the place, there is another point to justify the lok kok kok ness... On the ground floor of the hotel, there is Krispy Kreme. And so, on the very first night, we had already bought a dozen (argh, photo lost in transmission) and had tried them for breakfast the morning before going to Outlet Center.
Verdict: KK TOO DAMN FREAKING SWEET lor... The dough had the donut "oomph" and since KK is the "bread-y" kinda of donut, seriously, it is not soft enough. When I took the dough with icing/filling together, I can't taste the dough anymore and I felt like rubbing bittergourd all over my mouth to neutralise the sweetness that was making me cringe. Before I went on the US trip, I had tried J Co a couple of times since it's in Singapore already, and J Co scores landslide win over KK lor. J Co, also the "bread-y" type, after refridgerating, is still SO DAMN FREAKING BLARDI SOFT! The dough has the "oomph", the icing/filling does not overpower the dough and it not too sweet too. Honestly, once you tried J Co, you can forget about KK liao. KK really let me down.
As a DD fan, to be fair, the "bread-y" ones (glazed, jelly, etc) win "ommph" over KK and J Co, but in terms of softness, it loses to J Co since it is very close to KK. But the "cake-y" ones, DD is KING! "Oomph" to the max, soft and melts in the mouth!!! Now, can someone airfreight me 50 chocolate munchkins?

Sorry ah, digress too far... So, anyway, we took The Deuce, a bus that travels up and down the Strip to the Outlet Center and back. You can never miss your stop unless you have fallen dead asleep or there is some technical fault, because the bus driver annouces the street name or the location of the stops or plays a traped recording.Seriously, Vegas is the only city that I see crowd (i.e LOTS of people) walking on the street at 10pm...

After 2 whole days of shopping, do you think we took a break? *Evil laughter...* Hehehehehe...

4th day of Vegas coming right up!

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