Friday, August 17, 2001


Went to “lim kopi” at Coffeebean, Holland Village (HV) with Keat n Chee today. Talked abt his recent trips to Taiwan n abt other MIA Mei Chin pple. Saw Jerry n Qi today too. Jerry was working n Qi came to HV for dinner wif friends.

Amok’s on his way to Genting now, coming back only on Mon. Nites online w/out him a bit sian cos we talk on icq almost every nite. But it’s ok cos I most prob got a test coming up nxt tues and I’ve to get some stuff for the upcoming softball camp starting on Thurs. And I’ve lots to catch up on my dvd project. Argh… Busy me again… Besides these, I still have to settle cable/ broadband n SCV subscriptions wif my mum.

Yes!!! I’m getting cable n SCV AT LAST!!! No more dial-ups n disconnections!!! No more nites where there is footy on telly n I can’t get to watch it!!! No choice but to subscribe to SCV cos they bring in ESPN. N ESPN got EXCLUSIVE rights to the English Premiere League (EPL). They even got rights to other big games n leagues over the world. Do u call that monopolisation? Anyway, once the SCV subscription is done, I’ll have access to EPL, baseball and softball games!!! Isn’t that SO wonderful? Yokuyata!!! As for cable? Need I say more?

Saw the advert for the “Xing Shuo” vcd jus now on tv. Brought back memories again. The theme song, “Stay” goes like this:

Stay, ying wei ye tai mei, ji mo de yue liang xu yao xing xing pei.

Stay, bu guan ye duo hei, bu guan tian hui liang, bu qu xiang ming tian.

Dai wo fei yuan yuan de, dao tian ya, dao hai jiao,

Hao han de tian ji li, zhi yao you ni pei.

Ye xu ku, ye xu tian, bu hai pai, bu hou hui,

Ying wei ai rang wo men zai ye fen bu kai, Just stay.

~Literally translates to~

Stay, cos the nite’s beautiful, the lonely moon needs stars for company.

Stay, not caring if the nite’s too dark or if dawn will break, not thinking abt tomorrow.

Bring me to a faraway place, to the end of the world n edges of the oceans.

The vast horizon only wants you for company.

Be it bitter or sweet, not afraid and w/out regrets.

Cos of love, that’s why we’ll stay together, just stay.

While translating the song, Kevin called. Long story, so I wun talk abt it. Dun wanna make it seem that my entries are always so damn long.

Time to check e-mails… That’s all for today, folks…

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