Thursday, August 16, 2001


Frustration 1) Broke! So damn f***ing broke! Is there any job out there that pays 20 bucks an hour yet will allow me to work for only a day weekly? Si bei sian! Everything’s so important to me. Trainings on Mon and Wed, classes on Tues n Fri and “family n friends” day on Sat and Sun. How to work? How to get a job? Maybe Taka? Sick n tired of that homely turned posh/ classy, nice colleagues yet sucky management place but “connections” there can somehow allow me to schedule my working hours. Coffebean, Starbucks, Bubble tea outlets near my home? Hey, I patronise these places often enuff so I’ll find it weird to work there. Data entry? Where to find this lobang? Even if can find, forget it cos I dun think I wanna risk my 6/6 eyesight. Argh… Big headache ah…

Frustration 2) Toking about trainings… Dun wanna come training then dun come lah! Come training then tok so much, now say wanna quit. Too many projects, no time for commitment. I also need more time everyday. I also damn busy. If only we had 30 hours a day instead of 24. If this person can find a time-lengthening method/ solution/ miracle, I wanna know how too.

Frustration 3) What is love? “wen shi jian qing wei he wu”? Sigh… Dun think I wanna touch on this. Se-ka-li later I cry to zzz again… Sigh… Skip this topic… Lai next… (Hmmm… sounds like an auntie in NP’s canteen 1)

Frustration 4?) Went to Ange’s place today. Kinda small when compared to older 4-room flats. Think that’s how newer flats are like. My youngest uncle’s place also like that. Furthermore, blocks in the newer estates are very close to each other, not much privacy, I feel. Next time when I get a flat of my own, I will get the older ones. Although 2nd hand (or maybe 3rd/ 4th/ 5th…) they are bigger, airer and I will not have that someone-in-the-opposite-block-is-peeping-at-me feeling. Maybe flats are smaller and blocks are going up to 50-stories high is due to Singapore’s expanding population and limited land?

Limited land lead me to thinking about land reclamation. Something to voice out here. But before I do that I wanna say this. If this para is offending to any authorities somehow in someway, dun sue cos I dun think they screen any diary entries. And dun come looking for me cos as a citizen of Singapore, I have a freedom of speech, period. K, back to what I wanted to say. I know land reclamation is essential to the limited land space here, but hey, what’s going to happen to the kelongs n coral reefs? Authorities, pls spare a thought. Reclaim and reclaim, but no more kelongs n coral reefs, sad rite? Kelongs disappearing while our coastlines are expanding, can we at least preserve some of them? Jus like how the look of the pre-war houses in Chinatown is preserved nowadays. Take a closer look at Bugis Junction too. Coral reefs are dying cos it seems that the sea’s kinda getting cloudy and sunlight can’t reach them. Maybe my Chinese name has something to do wif corals, so I feel for these creatures.

Kk… End of today’s entry. Less frustrated now. Time to “play chess with grandpa zhou”

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