Friday, August 31, 2001

Protests for Stanley Kubrick

There’s a test tmr, but I figured out that I’m not achieving anythg when I’m staring at the notes and the notes are staring back at me. Maybe I’m just plain lazy to study or simply I’ve no mood. Maybe I shall go back to them after I finish crapping out here.

Need to get new boots cos the old one has a BIG hole at the sole. There was an additional training session today but I couldn’t make it. There was a guest speaker talking and demonstrating on a more commonly used software in the market which is called DVD Studio Pro today.

So far, my lower left wisdom tooth hasn’t been giving me any problem. Hehe… Maybe its still too early to say, but well, it better stay this way, painless. Find it kinda of amusing, seeing the tip of the tooth sprouting out bit by bit. A bit exciting also. Just like when I was younger, seeing the 'adult' teeth replacing the 'milk' teeth. Now, I'm a BIG child, still so excited also. Hehe...

There's a new reality program on TV Works called The Mole. Must remind myself to catch it. Reality programs are kinda nice to watch cos u can see how one will behave under certain circumstances.

Talking about catching shows, A.I is screening AT LAST. Been waiting for it since Stanley Kubrick pass away on the 7th March 1999. Anyway, it was supposed to be his project. Since he has pass away, good friend, Steven Spielberg decided to take over. Heard that there are not so good reviews on A.I on the net, so I'm gonna take a look at them later myself.

Anyway, he has started on the first draft of screenplay and script, the art direction and the creation of the character, David, even before he shot Eyes Wide Shut. He had to put A.I on hold because the animators he wanted to work with were with George Lucas doing Star Wars at that time. According to imdb website, he's only credited with CONCEPT?!?!?! A bit unfair rite? I think he deserves a bigger credit than that! Before I lose control and start feeling "its unfair!", I'll shall watch the movie, opening next Thurs, open my eyes big big and look out for Kubrick's name in the credits!

Think I'll stop here and take a look at the reviews now.

** By the way, in case no one knows who Stanley Kubrick is, he's the one who directed (the controversial and wht some considered as a posh and class 'porn' movie showing how Tom Cruise and ex-wife Nicole Kidman having sex, which might be a disappoinment to some, cos it din happen) Eyes Wide Shut, (what many consider, including me, classics) 2001, Space Odyssey and Spartacus.

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