Monday, August 13, 2001

First Proper Entry

Title says it all... Can't get to dreamland anyway so i figured out typing smthg out here tts worth reading wld be better thn wasting my time tossing n turning on my bed. So since i can't get to sleep, i hope toking abt dreams will bring me to "play chess with grandpa zhou".

So, wht are dreams? Experts (can't be bothered to kn n quote names) say lots of stuff, which i can't be bothered too. But i believe thy are wht we "c" while sleeping and thy represent our subconcious minds and sometimes our innermost thoughts which we nvr realise.

"Dreams" are our Subconcious

"Dreams" are our Targets

"Dreams" are our Hopes

"Dreams" are our Goals

If Targets, Hopes & Goals can come true so can "Dreams"!

Whn dreams (as in "dreams" while we are sleeping) come true, tt's wht i thk its called deja vu. Freaking eh? Kinda had tis thingy before.

As i'm typing through, i thk i'm turning "learned stuff" into crap. Yes! I'm sleeply, tired, brain dead...

"Chess" Time!!!

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