Wednesday, August 22, 2001

Out Of Reach

Date: 21st Aug, 2001

Time: 5:37 pm

Venue: Pacey’s Residence, Kitchen

Event: Eating left over pizza and chicken drumlets from last nite’s dinner. Tv was switched on to SCV Channel 11 aka MTV Asia. First few notes of the song sounded familiar. Before I knew it, it was “my” song.

“Knew The Signs, Wasn’t Rite, I Was Stupid For A While.

Swept Away By You, And Now I Feel Like A Fool,

So Confused, My Heart's Bruised Was I Ever Loved By You...

So Much Hurt, So Much Pain, Takes A While To Regain,

What Is Lost Inside And I Hope That In Time,

You'll Be Out Of My Mind And I'll Be Over You"

Din bother to pay attention to the song in case “the river” flows again… Finished my pizza and chicken drumlets. *Yum Yum*

Suppose to wake up at 7 today to watch a softball match… but overslept AGAIN… Argh… Maybe jus not fated ah…

Online now, chatting a bit on ICQ, watching a bit of MTV, downloading A Little Respect by Wheatus. Dunno what song is that, jus download lor. Nothing to do now aso… No crap to write today… Maybe I should jus log off n go iron some clothes, if not got no clothes to wear. Got a whole load to iron… But so boring n who will iron clothes at this hour?!

Maybe I din warm up/ down properly… Aching all over now. Even when laughing, tummy also aching one…

End of this entry… Might think of crap to past time or just go iron clothes…

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