Saturday, August 18, 2001

Sealed With Tulan-ness

At last subscribe liao… hehe… Went down to the SCV showroom at Wisma Atria just now…

Slept at 6+ in the morning… After loggin off yesterday, it was toss n turn time again till I got fed up. I got up and watched some tapes.

Wondering if I’ve got a “qian bian” or I-curse-you face. Think back now really damn tulan! As if as it’s my fault! Was on the MRT the other day wif some frds. A lady behind us called out, “hello”. I turned back n she showed me some Handicap Association pass/ card. She asked if I wanted to buy Christmas cards. I told her I din wan to. Cos I was thinking WHO buys Christmas cards on the train? Anyway, even if I were to buy them in the MRT, I’ll most prob be buying them in Dec, not now rite? (I’m thinking now, I haven even eat mooncake, u wan me to eat log cake liao… Hmm…)

Then she started to mumble to herself LOUDLY. (Read: LOUD as in almost that particular carriage can hear n it’s during the peak hours) She told everyone her life story abt how she made hamburgers, fried chicken and collected trays in fast food restaurants. She added in her statement abt how 4 companies rejected her application cos they find her action too slow. Then she ask me to buy AGAIN. I said I don’t have money n she told me to save up for the flag day coming up soon. Then the loud mumblings started again. She said something abt “u dun buy my cards NEVER MIND. Not say I wanna sell but I got no choice. Blah blah blah… I still have 1000 of these at home.” The way she sounded was like ma chiam I landed her in that state. As if as the companies that rejected her were founded by my forefathers. As if as I threatened her to order such a huge bulk of Christmas cards. Anyway, that’s only her tone of voice. You shld have looked at how she looked at me!!!

I mean when pple say dun wanna buy n u wanna “cry father cry mother” (read in Hokkien), go home and do it lah… I was damn freaking embarrassed. Luckily we alighted 2 stops later…

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