Tuesday, August 21, 2001

Ren Yan Ke Wei...

Din put in an entry yesterday cos I was freaking tired. Spend the whole day in the sun watching softball. Tan all over, damn happy! Fair fair like (in canto) “bak jam gai”… Speaking about being tired, I even fell asleep while watching the first Man U match of the season. In the end, they won 3-2, with the first goal from Becks in the 35th minute. The other 2 were from Ruud. Wonder wht happen to Van der Sar, he’s quite a good goalkeeper…

Anyway, I’m kinda tired now too. Gotta pull myself up early tmr for a softball match at 7. Also showing on ESPN. Got ESPN damn shiok. Woke up early today, supposedly to catch the baseball game on ESPN. But fell asleep AGAIN during the 6th inning. Maybe I tie a string/ rope attaching the ceiling to my hair, (ma chiam like those Chinese scholars in the past when they studied for the imperial examinations) so I wun fall asleep. Hehe…

Crap time: A Chinese idiom/proverb: “ren yan ke wei”. To me, it’s the mixing up of the half-truths, false-truths n the real-truths together to form a story. Somehow when someone says something, it spreads round or whtsoever, “seasoning” is added. And when a person who knows nuts hears it indirectly, he/she will tend to believe what is said. This resulted in Ruan Ling Yu’s suicide. Ruan Ling Yu was an actress in the days where even our parents were not around. She was very popular in the 20’s or 30’s. Dun ask me too much cos I know nuts abt her too, I only knew of her existence when there was a movie screened on tv during my sec sch days. It was abt her life.

Abt how wide spreading rumours of her life by the media got to her.

Abt how she entered depression when she mixed reel-life, which was filled with crying, sadist, crying and more sadist scenes, with real-life.

Abt how she couldn’t stop crying after a scene cos she got too emotionally involved into that scene.

Kk… ‘Nuff crapping today… Time to walk walk in dreamland… *yawn*

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