Monday, August 13, 2001

I'm back... Aft a week...

Muahahahahaha... Life with broadband has never been better... Muahahahahhahaha... Fast and shiok!!!

It's been more than a week since I last updated. Been kinda busy and tired lately.

This was how the rest of last week was spent. Trainings on Wed, Thurs and Fri. Sat was the first IVP game. Sun was "Kallang" day. The guys' and gals' team played against NTU. Gals won while guys threw away a 7 run lead. Really dunno wht happen aso. I was kinda shocked. Anyway, that game is over. Shld only look back on it to learn abt the mistakes commited and learn from it and not brood abt it anymore. Let's look forward to the next match against NUS!!!

Training as usual on Monday but not many turned up. Think its cos Ming Chen was at chalet. Hehe... Janice, me, Bo Shen, Sebastian and Kah Hong went over to his chalet aft training. Wanted to play bowling but the alley was closing when we got there. Ended up watching them play pool.

Since ystday was the last nite, Tuesday was "check out" day. Went to bowl and played pool. Had my first game of pool in my life. But my basics still not that good. Gotta "pay more school fees".

There was training today but I din really train. Din feel too good, headache. Jeffery(SP's guy's team pitcher) came down to pitch for the guys to bat. Think it was kinda good experience for the guys to bat his ball cos its kinda fast. Went to the UEFA website just now, seems that the soccer match later are postphoned "due to repect" to the alleged terrorist attack at the New York World Trade Centre and the Pentagon. Sian, no baseball games according to ESPN website also... Ntg to watch on telly liao... Dunno wht's the update on the attack yet. Might go chk on some websites later...

Amok's down with pox . Just one mth before enlistment. Haha... Pity him a bit cos he keeps saying he looks like a freak. Hehe... Now I've got no one to watch A.I with... Supposed to watch with him, then the bad news came. Guess have to wait till his pox is over.

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