Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Be On Your Guard

Something that just flashed across my mind just as I was about to do some work.


Reason I said that was because I just realised that the "sterotypes" of cancer is "fading". The line between types of cancer and demographic and lifestyles is getting blurred.
If you're a male, it doesn't mean you will not get breast cancer.
If you are a female, it doesn't mean you will not get nose or stomach cancer.
If you don't smoke, it doesn't mean you will not get nose, throat, mouth or lung cancer.
If you don't eat preserved foods, it doesn't mean you will not get nose cancer.
If you don't have hepatitis, it doesn't mean you will not get liver cancer.
If you don't have polyps in you colon, it doesn't mean you will not get colon cancer.
If you don't have gastritis, it doesn't mean you will not get stomach cancer.

If you're not feeling well, have nagging pains, swellings, feel tired easily, have a sudden burst of appetite that goes on for a period of time without putting on much weight or loss of appetite for no apparent reason, bleed easily through bowels, nose of any other "outlet" of the body or any other symptoms you are not comfortable with, please see a doc. If possible, insist to get scanned.
An ultrasound is about S$100 and a CT scan is about S$300 for certain parts of the body, larger area scanned means more. A PET scan, head to toe is about S$2500. These are "small" money spent compared to losing your life.

Dear loved ones, please take notice of the hints your body is throwing at you. Arresting any form of illness at an early stage means a definate higher chance of surviving. Please take care and God Bless!


jessica said...

Dear Paced,

I'm Jo's sister. Coincidentally, I'm also a Cancerian & a Rooster!

Alex told me about your blog. Thank you for your prayers. Most people are too caught up chasing for their 5Cs lifestyle that they might have "netted" a dreaded C(ancer) along the way.

Continue to fight on like Jo did. She's an inspiration indeed!

p.s. Happy belated Birthday!

paced said...


DD said...

PS Paced... it was Jessica's birthday two days ago too!

Please continue to pray for Jessica, Alex and Jessica's parents. These are difficult times for them and pray that our Lord comforts them in their time of need and sorrow.

Thank you.

paced said...

Sure will!

Happy Belated Birthday too Jessica!