Thursday, July 05, 2007


Why I keep yawning now...
1) I'm so damn blardi freaking sleepy. Cos I stayed up all nite.
2) My brain juices are sucked dry. Cos I exhausted mental energy.
3) My brain cells are almost all dead. "Ditto above"
4) Copa matches today are boring. Cos Mexico 0 - 0 Chile and Brazil 1 - 0 Ecuador.
5) I'm sick and tired of the ad campaign I'm doing. Cos I felt like I've repeated myself the "I've lost count" no. of times of the same blardi point.
6) To coordinate with my drooping eyelids. Cos I scrutinized through countless search results for "ad rate" because no one bothered to reply to my enquries.
7) It's so conducive to sleep now. Cos the weather is cooler as it is raining.

So, off I go to dreamland...