Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Friends & Clutter

I find it funny when people add people in Friendster or Multiply or any other social networking websites for the sake of adding people. Yes, I've made some friends through these websites, but that's beside the point. There are people in my contact list whom I have added due to the following reasons:
- I know them personally, they may not be exactly my "friends" and I don't have their contact numbers, but they are friends of my friends and they are people whom I would go up to say "hi" on the streets even without "the mutual friend" around.
- Some are players I got to know during my "Gunbound" days.
- Some are people who chanced upon me while I was sick and fueled me with words of encouragement. These are friends found during my deepest moments.

And I absolutely hate it when people message me, "Can I be your friend", without giving any reason. Sometimes I feel I should be mean and reply, "For what? I'm not interested!", but I simply can't do so, because I'm not like that.

These social networking websites are a lovely tool for me to get back in touch with long lost friends, friends I want to keep and treasure for the rest of my life but somehow we lost contact along the way. And I guess I'll have to make do with all these "clutter" along the way.

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