Monday, June 18, 2007

Re: Meaning Of Me

I love it when I attribute down and depressed periods and moments to the monthly menses. The sky seems not as gloomy and cloudy right now, but, 4 weeks later, it might. However, it might be cheery things happening that's why:
1) Etihad flying to Singapore, which means I can get to see Jan after so long. When she's in Singapore, it seemed easier to meet up, hence I don't feel that I've not seen her for a long time. But now she's away, it seems long enough, though it has only been a short while.
2) Ultrasound results all clear.
3) Mugging period is starting, but I definately have ample time as long as I pace myself right.
4) Assignments are not as difficult as I had worried. Talking to my dearest classmates really helped.
5) I had just topped up my supplies of Red Rock Deli.
6) My cheapo mp3 player gave up on me. Which now gives me the ultimate license to get a new one, without feeling guilty that I had spent money unwisely.
7) Arrogant Alsonso is trailing to his rookie teammate, Hamilton. The "sore loser" face of his and Jose Mourinho never fails to cheer me up.
8) As withdrawal symptoms of the lack of soccer matches kicks in, F1 races are the next best thing.

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