Monday, June 11, 2007

Real Madrid Snubbed

Hahaha... Orbi-good!
Orbi-good = Singapore slang for serves you right

Serves Real Madrid right for not cherishing such a great player like David Beckham. Serves Fabio Capello right for leaving Becks on the bench for so much of the season. Capello now plays Becks, after the deal with LA Galaxy is signed and sealed. And I'm pretty sure he's amazed at Becks ability and at his own stupidity for not cherishing the player.

Serves Steve McClaren right now. Though he has dropped his ego and pride by recalling a player he "famously" dropped when he assumed the role of manager of the England national squad, after seeing Becks superb performance lately at Real Madrid. And I'm pretty sure he's amazed at Becks ability and at the backlash he received from the public regarding how wrong his "right" decision to drop Becks was.

Can't wait for May 2008 to come. I would be in Oklahoma for my on-campus residence and most important of all, I'm going to try all means to get to LA to watch Becks play.
MLS starts in April and Euro 2008 starts in June. Hope I'm there at the right time.

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