Sunday, June 10, 2007

If Only All Exams Are "Open-Notes"

I sacrificed so much sleep that I think I only slept for 5 "nights" in a week. I did not literally sleep at night, sometimes sleeping when the sun is up and waking up before it's down.
I sacrificed so much trees that I used almost 2 100-pages A4 lined writing pads to copy, and I really mean literally lifting out word by word, from the text. K, then again, 200 pages may not have cost SO many trees, but I admit, I still murdered the trees.
I sacrificed so much ink by using up 7 PILOT G-2 0.5 blue refills.
I sacrificed so much correction tape by using 4 PLUS Whiper Slide 10 meters refills, so that's 40 meters worth of correction tape. How I did that, I don't really know. All I could remember was instead of copying "which took", I wrote, "whick toow".
I sacrificed so much that in the end, the area around my 1st knuckle on my middle finger had callus due to abrasions from too much writing.
All these sacrifices are worth it because I got an "A". It's not just an ordinary "A", it's and "A" for a politics module. Thank God for pulling me through this.
Now, I need His help to pull me through August.

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