Thursday, June 14, 2007

Hooray Etihad!

The bestest news I received since Jan went to Abu Dhabi: Etihad will start to fly to Singapore in end-Sep.
The nearest destinations it flies nearer to Singapore so far are KL, Bangkok and Jakarta. My latest school schedule has me tied up till mid-Sep; there are breaks, but these are study/ mugging/ cramming breaks for me (somehow after radiotherapy, my brain cells are zapped dead too). However, by then, I'll still have one module's exam to study for. I've been trying hard to save up moolah to fly up to those places to meet her and with my school schedule, I reckon the earliest I can do so is after mid-Oct.
With that good news, it means I can get to meet her by the same targeted "earliest" date at a cheaper rate and "rolling over" those moolah for the US trip next May for my on-campus residency.
A win-win situation... Absolut nothing can describe my joy now.

Psst... Absolute is purposely spelt absolut... Hehe...

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