Thursday, June 19, 2008

Trip To America's Very First Theme Park, And It's Not Disneyland...

Another good thing about booking with Disney is that you can personalise your trip! We added in a trip to Knotts Berry Farm and all we had to do was to call to confirm pickup date and time!It may not be the theme park on top of everyone's mind, but there was so much history about the place. It all started with Mrs Knott's chicken. There was development around the area and to make ends meet, she sold fried chicken to people who stopped by (it was once near/ along a freeway) to get a bite. As the chicken got famous and queues grew, Mr Knott build a "ghost town" to entertain the people. From then on, the "ghost town" grew into a theme park.

Over at Knotts Berry, you also get to know about the Native Indians. Every inch of the place had a country/ western touch to it and that was also the setting for Knott's Fool's Gold Stunt Show.

The rides there are SCARY! Which is why we did not get on them all except only 2. I had some pictures of the rides, but somehow while transferring them from my handphone to my laptop, it took too long, communication was lost, and I lost them, together with some Disneyland photos. All I can say is that they are taller, faster, wetter and more upside-down-er than the rides in Disneyland Resort. When I was looking at those rides, I felt like a doll being thrown and tossed around by my owner (which was why we left Six Flags Magic Mountain out of our itinerary).

We bought the famous jams and da bao-ed the famous fried chicken home for dinner. The mashed potato was good but the chicken was just chicken... Not too sure if the jams are avaliable in Singapore though...

Las Vegas coming right up!

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