Friday, June 13, 2008

Act Cute, Silly-ish, Sexy-ish Photo, Cam-Whoring And Departure

Before I move into the studio cam-whoring part as promised in the previous post, please let me rant about my missing soap dish and reveal the background of an act cute, silly-ish, sexy-ish photo before revealing the photo.
When I went back to the hotel after class on Thursday, my white soap dish bought at Muji was discovered missing. I would usually place it on a piece of face towel provided by the hotel and then place them on my toiletries bag. Since both were white, I suppose when the chambermaid took the towel to clear, the soap dish went along with it accidently. The hotel staff checked and double checked, but did not recover it.
About this particular photo, it was taken by a friend of mine in a room where we were supposed to robe ourselves before the graduation ceremony the previous Saturday, and which I only managed to sneak it off her facebook just moments ago...
Being noobs to wearing a graduation gown, we have simply no idea where or how certain parts of the robe should fall into place, especially this one small little white piece of cloth of weird shape. So I was trying to be a heroine and figuring it out where it should be placed to be part of our gown and it was no point asking the guys because only the girls had it. I was placing the white cloth all over my gown, as though it was a piece of jig saw puzzle, seeing if the ends and corners fitted into any part of the entire jig saw. I then decided to goof around and then shouted out to my friends, "Don't tell me like that hor!" They laughed and said I looked some milkmaid, Dutch Lady, farm girl, etc and I added that the windmills are the only things lacking. If you do not know which Dutch Lady, open your eyes next time you go to a supermarket and look out for the condensed/sweetened milk brand, Dutch Lady.
I was trying to be funny and acting cute lah. But after I saw the photo, I found it silly-ish as well. Seeing myself "role playing" (machiam Jap AV) makes me feel a bit sexy-ish, and here I am, playing 2 roles! One of a student in a graduation gown (I have not officially graduated yet) and one of a Dutch Lady! LOL! But I swear it was damn accidental, the AV thought of it came only I saw the photo!

Ok, back to what I had promised, studio cam-whoring. We were allowed to take pictures of the studio on Friday only after recording all 4 segments of our 30-minute show, but I had taken a few sneak shots here and there durind the week during lunch and other free time... Hehe...

And I also saw this on the notice board.
With this, it marks the end of 3-week long on-campus residency. Then it is back to hotel to pack up as we are all leaving the next day. Some of us are going back straight to Singapore while some of us will be touring around before returning.
Since it is a domestic flight and check-in baggage charges have started, to avoid paying a single cent, we have to have only one baggage which weighs below 50 pounds. The 2nd piece of check-in luggage bears a USD25 charge while any overweight baggage within 20 pounds bear a USD50 charge. Any luggage over 70 pounds would be rejected. Tell me how is it possible to have only one luggage when we have 2 thick textbooks (one was hard cover) and a huge load of shopping...
So I managed to pack, with the help of the weighing scale in the gym, till one luggage is extremely close to 50 pounds. The other was half filled, but exceeded 50 pounds already. Luckily it was still below 70 pounds. So, I was prepared to bear a USD75 charge.
The bus came to fetch us to the airport because we were the biggest group to leave at a certain timing and it would be cheaper and more convenient to get at least 6 cabs (or maybe more as there were 13 people and 26 huge check-in luggages). On the bus to the airport, I was missing Oklahoma already. The people were damn friendly and the hotel staff really made sure we felt at home. Shopping malls were less than USD20 away by cab and the variety of food was great. And comparing to the other hotels I stayed during my entire stay in the US, the Marriott Residence Inn at Bricktown Oklahoma City was the best!
At the airport, the system did not prompt the guy at the check-in counter to collect the baggage charges and I guess he forgot, so a majority of us managed to check in 2 luggages without paying a single cent while a few of us at another check-in counter had to pay for the 2nd check-in baggage. Heng ah... Hehe!

Touring details coming right up!


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