Thursday, June 19, 2008

Enough Is Enough

So what if the blog post has been reported on the papers? So what if the guy has come forward with his side of the story? To me, the whole matter has been blown out of proportion. I also seen several blogs paparazzi-ing the happenings. Is that at all necessary?

Yes, our blogs are not private and are public but we post what we want to post, even our darkest secrets. If you do not have constructive comments, then keep your hands off the keyboard. Who are you to scold and say or-bi-good? Who are you to make judgements or analysis of the case?

At times, our judgements may not be that good and people do make mistakes. If so, let the parties concerned solve the problem themselves. What has happened has happened, as outsiders, no point scolding or trying to pin-point blame also right? Enough is enough. Let them have their peace...


Xizor2000 said...


soup said...

Hey I agree with you totally. There are too many blog posts about these and they are unfair to both parties. No matter what we are not in the loop and we don't know the truth.

Plenty of hurtful things has been said about both people, and it is unfair to the both of them. I think we should all be mature about it and not call people names. After all, who are we to judge? Perhaps Jean is truthful and she was just afraid and many things happened. We don't know. We won't know what's the truth behind the money issue either.

There are many childish people online and I feel sorry for the both of them.

The Media Slut said...

One of the problems that bloggers forget that their blog posts are published in a medium known as the Internet.

As much the incident with Jean has turned from bad to worst, the responses are sort of expected.

That's the freedom of opinion.

If Jean felt that the issue was private, she should have at least made the post private or not post it at all.

If she felt that the issues deserved to be made public in her blog, she should have prepared for the consequence of exposing John.

Jas aka paced said...

Yep, responses are sort of expected.

Freedom of opinion, freedom of speech. I totally agree that everyone has that and everyone has every single right to that. But we should not abuse that and name-calling crosses that line.

Echoing soup, we don't know the truth. Only the parties concerned know the ultimate truth and the full story, which is why we are not really in the position to comment.

Sham Juzzywuzzy said...

Your first line, contradicts your last line.

We share this space called the Internet. If there is something, that I come across, and I have an opinion about it, who's to say that I am not in a position to comment about it?

soup said...

Or should I comment that we are not in a position to pass judgement onto someone? Talking about freedom of speech, sure, everyone can say anything. But to judge someone, now nobody has that freedom isn't it? The one who can judge how we run our lives is ourselves and whoever we meet at the end of our journey.