Friday, June 27, 2008

THE Experience In Vegas!

Kinda sad that we are leaving soon, and it is also a very slack morning/ afternoon for us, while the real fun kicks in at night!

And so, we got up real late, ate the remaining donuts for brunch and while my parents and sis went to Ross to buy another luggage, I stayed in the hotel to book day tour tickets for our next leg of the trip. We bought another luggage because it's cheaper to pay for additional piece of baggage than have an overweight baggage and we did toooooooooooo much shopping that even though there is space in our luaggage, the weight limitations means we have to get another luggage.

So, maybe you thought last day no shopping. You thought wrongly lor. We spent the afternoon at Fashion Show Mall before moving to Fremont Street for the Fremont Street Experience.The first show will start roughly about 8.30pm or when the sun fully sets, goes on for about 15 minutes, returns again at 9pm and at hourly intervals and the last show of the night will be at midnight.
We got to and from Fremont Street by riding on The Deuce again and from the top deck of the bus, looking down on the lights of the Strip, BEAUTIFUL lor!!! Again, no photo evidence because lost in transmission, argh!

Back to the hotel, we packed and packed. Trying to make sure each luggage will not exceed 50 pounds. But before I pack, of course must take photo first lah...- Right at the top, 2 Aeropostale shorts and a black underwear.
- Footwear (on the right, from top to bottom): black Anne Klein wedges, black Marc Jacobs flip flops, 2 Timberland flip flops, brown and black, DKNY casual wear and white BCBG wedges
- 3 Calvin Klein bottoms on the left.
- In the middle (from top to bottom): baby blue CK top, grey BCBG top, grey DKNYJeans top, Banana Republic spaghetti strap, black AX top, no brand dress from Ross, DVD on Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton (its very special to me because my favourite designer is a Creative Director for my favourite brand), Marc Jacobs Daisy solid perfume and (ultimate splurge) Marc by Marc Jacobs Groovee in Black from 2008 spring collection.

San Francisco adventures coming right up!

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