Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Getting REAL WET This Time Round On A Special Day

One BIG HUGE MAJOR advantage of booking the entire package with Disney is this!
After the madness, we went back to Fantasyland to fulfil my sis's wish of taking pictures with the Princesses. We queued one and a half hours to take pictures with only 3 of them lor! If we were to take with all the Princesses, I think have to spend one whole day queuing and re-queuing because they rotate and take turns too.

We then went back to California Adventure Park's Hollywood Pictures Backlot to catch what we missed, the Aladdin Musical. Thankfully again, since we booked the package with Disney, we had "preferred seating" for the musical. There was another queue specially for us and we could enter the theatre first, while hundreds waited outside. Hehe! The entire Aladdin animated film was presented musical style, with the Genie being the goofy-est and modern-est character. To me, this was the most entertaining attraction in the whole of Disneyland Resort.
1) When Aladdin summoned the Genie the first time unknowingly and got a shock, he asked Genie who was he. Genie's reply, "I'm a Mac and you're a PC."
2) Genie was holding an umbrella in a scene and guess what happened? He went, "Umbrella, ella, ella, eh, eh."
3) In the film, Genie wasn't a kid per se, here in one scene, Genie threw a tantrum like a kid.
4) Towards the end when Jafar was gotten rid of, Genie turned to the pet parrot and said, "Now it's time for the Tiki Room reject."
5) The Genie's script was the only one being updated to suit the modern day. Everyone else spoke lines from the film. There are snippets on youtube and you can actually tell how Genie has been updated.

We then proceeded back to the Golden State area for the WETTEST ride in the whole of Disneyland Resort. The only way to stay dry in this ride is to seal yourself up in a poncho or waterproof yourself some way or another. With each bump, water flooded in. We were then on the track up to a mini fall, after the a-few-feet plunge, I was half wet while some were a quarter wet. My sis and I were discussing how wet we get is depending on heng or suay, and whether we land first when we do the final plunge down. But we were so damn wrong. At the final plunge, water was sent into the raft, making the bottom half of our bodies wet (I could feel water going into my underwear lor) and water was sent up into the air, landing into the raft, making the top half of our bodies wet. There was no escaping regardless of where you sit or whether who lands first.Drenched, we proceeded on to the "Soarin' Over California" ride, which was a simulator ride, suspended in mid-air with an Omni Theatre sized screen, minus away the sharp movements.

We then moved on to Paradise Pier, which was like a fun fair. Of so many rides there, we only took the Mulholland Madness, which was a roller coaster ride. Some were blah like the ride where you are brought up in mid-air and go round and round as though you are flying on Dumbo, while some we did not dare to take on, like the roller coaster that goes upside down, the vertical tower plunge down thingy, or the ferris wheel, Sun Wheel.With that, we bade the rides and attractions goodbye and shopped for souvenirs.

Seriously, it was a good thing we had the 5-Day Hopper Tickets. There were too many shows, different parades taking place, too many rides and there was too much to cover in the Parks. To catch every single thing avaliable, weekends are the best days as all shows and parades will be avaliable, however, also because it is the weekend, it would also mean more crowd and more time will be wasted on queuing up for the rides and attractions. Although you can cut queues by getting a special ticket for a higher price, which is valid for only one day, there is still no way to cover everything even with that ticket in a day.

While I was having fun, Man U won the Champions League title! Dear was sms-ing me, giving live commentary. Hehe...
Another joyous thing to note, David Cook wins American Idol!!! I did not manage to catch the final showdown nor did I manage to catch the result show. Heng hotel got wireless and I was able to go online. Hehe...


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