Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Trick To Staying Dry In A WET Ride

We got up earlier and made it to the entrance of Disneyland Park at 9am. However, there was already a queue to enter the Park. When we entered the Park, we made a dash for the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage. When we got there, the queue was damn long already, but thankfully we are not at the 90 minute mark, but 70 minutes is still a long wait lor. As we queued, we saw families sending representatives off to buy breakfast and they were eating breakfast in the queue. Guess who I saw queuing up too? Anais, Fiona, Jo, Sam, Daryl, Stephy and her friend!
There was something different about this ride. Like all other rides, it uses a track too, however, the whole ride takes place under water where you ride in a submarine looking thingy. When the ride starts, there are announcements, giving you that feeling that you are in a submarine, exploring the world under. Then bubbles appear outside the window, giving you the feeling that the submarine is submerging, going further deeper into the water, however, you are still at the same level as when you board the ride, hehe...

We then moved to Fantasyland to finish up the last ride which we missed, Peter Pan's Flight. It was interesting in a way even though it was just like the Snow White and Mr Toad rides. Instead of having the ride go through on a track on the ground, in Peter Pan, the track is in the air, so you are really like Peter Pan, flying through the adventures.

Frontierland was next. We took a river cruise on Mark Twain Riverboat and we were starting to feel hungry. And so, we settled down in one of the eateries in Frontierland, The Golden Horseshoe, before proceeding on to the rest of the attractions.The performance was such a bonus! After lunch, we explored Pirate's Lair On Tom Sawyer Island and took a roller coaster ride on Big Thunder Mountain.

New Orleans Square was next. It was just beside Frontierland, at a corner, and they both complemented each other in a way as both were very country/western. We went into the Haunted Mansion, which wasn't really that all scary, and the Pirates Of The Caribbean ride, which was like Nemo, but not in a submarine, but a boat.

Cirtter County, home to Winnie the Pooh and friends, also just beside both Frontierland and New Orleans Square, complemented to the country feel to the entire area. We went on Splash Mountain, which was a WET ride. While in the queue, my sis and I saw...
1) A notice, displaying that the seating arrangement was a single file and advising that the bigger sized people should sit at the back of the "boat".
2) Some people getting REAL WET while some looked like they were just splashed with a little bit of water.
3) There was this lady, who was 4 times my size, in the queue with her friend behind us.
4) There was this group of 5 teenage girls in front of us.
My sis and I then went into a discussion/ speculation saying that...
1) The person right in front will get real wet while the people at the back not so wet.
2) We would share the "boat" with the lady and friend behind us because the girls would take up one "boat".
3) Which also mean we would have to sit in front, bearing in mind the bigger sized people have to sit at the back.
4) Which also mean we would get REAL WET!
We were saying jialat liao, wet liao, don't know if can squeeze in with the girls, if we get the front seat then how we are going to use our dad's waterproof jacket to waterproof ourselves, etc. At the boarding point, after the staff assigned the group of girls to their seats, she asked my sis how many people are there in her party. My sis replied 2 and she asked if we wana squeeze into the back. OF COURSE want lah!!! Turns out that the seating arrangement was a "T" shape, which was why bigger sized people have to sit in the back. And so, we siam the front seat and the situation of beaing REAL WET. The "zee pah dee do dah" song that accompanies you all the way to the top of the ride was a smokescreen lor, not a wonderful day after all if you kena the front seat. As we made our way to the top, my sis and I came up with a wonderful idea to shield us from the water. Since we are sitting side by side, we treated our dad's big jacket as a blanket, wearing it dom-ba-lek, putting my left arm into the jacket's right sleeve and my sis's right arm into the jacket's left sleeve and using our free hands to hold up the collar and duck ourselves inside the jacket. So, we did not get wet, except only our feet! Woohoo!

Adventure Land was next. We saw robotic singing birds in the Enchanted Tiki Room, went down the Jungle Cruise filled with robotic rhinos and robotic piranhas, climbed up Tarzan's Treehouse and got to know his childhood and went on a mini roller coaster ride in Indiana Jones Adventure.

Although we have decided to leave Mickey's Toontown for Wednesday morning, there was still time, so we decided to take a look and get onto a ride or 2. On the way to Toontown, I met my friends again and they were commenting that Toontown was really cute.After the ride, there wasn't time for another. So we went back and rested, waking up early for a program that was only for the privileged the next day.

Last day of Disneyland adventures coming right up!

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