Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Graduation, Walkaround and Guns!

Sorry for the long break in updating posts. Back in Singapore already, but was touring and due to the tight schedule and long days, it is acutally kinda hard to update... You guys will know what I did soon! Ok, back to where I stop updating after talking about my induction into Phi Kappa Phi.

On Saturday of Week 2, it was Graduation Day! Well, considering that I have 3 more modules to be graded on, it was not really a graduation per se. It was more of a formality ceremony kinda thing plus the fact that we are here for the on-campus residency.

After the ceremony, we went back to the hotel for our afternoon off. A few of us decided to tour the Oklahoma Bombing Memorial at night as Dr Winn had told us earlier that the lights were beautiful there at night.

The memorial was bound by 2 gates with a pool in the middle, with "9:01" and "9:03" on them, representing the time frame of the bombing. I did not manage to get good pictures of the gates, which is quite a pity. I heard the security guard telling to another group of vistors that there were 2 or 3 pairs of siblings who died in the bombing.
I got to know of the bombing while taking the PEAF (American politics and history) class. It was related to another event, the Waco Seige (linked, but Wiki if you want to). In short, these domestic terrorists decided to retaliate against the government in regards to the Waco event. Stepping onto the ground where a truck filled with fertilizer bombs was parked and the bombs were ignited in a building where there were government offices, there was a feeling of loss and emptiness. Especially to know the fact that many children were killed as there was a childcare center in the building.
We then went back to freshen up to go join our other classmates at Citywalk, a local club. Yes, people got drunk, but not me, I didn't even drank a drop of alcohol.

On Sunday, I woke up a bit earlier, and saw Man U won and lifted the Premier League title.
It was then lunch at IHop for a few of us. During lunch, Fin told us what he saw during the night before at the Memorial. He saw a little girl, half burnt, squatting behind a dustbin. Dan also said he felt chills. But I didn't feel nor saw anything. I was kinda thinking, if I'm the one who saw the little girl, I really don't know how to react. Would I stand there crying? Would I try to comfort the little girl? Or would I just scream the daylights out of me? Fin did later revealed that his sightings did not stop after that night and that there were others in the studio during our class the following week.
After lunch, we then walked around the Bricktown area. We first went to Bass Pro, which was beside our hotel. The entire shop was done up as though it was a theme park and there were "photo spots" around the shop! It also goes to prove how readily firearms are availiable and why America is sometimes "violent"...

We then walked out towards the Botanical Gardens.

More pictures of the Bricktown area...

To me, it was an eventful and eye-opening weekend; and it started on Friday with the induction into Phi Kappa Phi...

Week 3 coming right up!


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