Thursday, May 17, 2007


I'm definately pissed, not pleased! Americans who voted for American Idol or say they are ardent fans of American Idol should get their ears checked. Reasons not in any order of importance or preference... (To those whom find it offensive, I apologise in advance...)

1) Last year, Chris Daughtry's place in the final was given to someone who shoved her boobs into the final. But never mind, he's now selling more albums any ANYONE on the show last year, well, that includes some of my favourites like Taylor Hicks & Kellie Pickler. But never mind, he's selling albums, not boobs.
2) This year, history repeats itself. The "Resident Pro" (as Randy Jackson always address her as) was voted out, and place given to Beatbox-er Blake. Hellooooo, American Idol is a SINGING competition, NOT BEATBOX competition. Like what Dear says, he sings out of beat! OMG!!! Why is he not voted out instead? I really pray hard some producer will sign Melinda Doolittle up.
3) Well, either the show is fixed, or Americans are really deaf. It happened with La Toya and Hudson, happened with Trias, happened with Daughtry, now Doolittle.

Luckily, I still have a reason to watch the finale, because another of my favourite, Jordin Sparks is still in. If she doesn't win, I'm kinda convinced that the show is fixed... I'm suffering from Doolittle Withdrawal Symptoms already.

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