Sunday, May 06, 2007


Besides making thru 330 pages of my blardi textbook, there's nothing else I did. Taiwan is throwing all kinda tantrums and is threatening not to participate in next year's Olympics. China not reacting much. US tells Taiwan to step up on defense. I really have a love-hate relationship with this love-hate relationship they are having. I really so desperately wana start on the blardi essay, but the day when I wake up and tell myself "start essay today", the papers will throw up some news about them.

What I really feel "proud" of now is that I've never studied so hard in my entire quarter-century plus life. So hard that now I am falling sick, but just on the verge, holding on & persisiting. I felt it last week when my throat was a bit dry and pricky. I drown myself with honey water and lots of fluids and did not fall sick. On Friday, my body gave in and I got a slight fever. Kinda went down but it came back yesterday afternoon. Yesterday night, I had gastric pains. It has been "Panadol-ever-6-hours" since yesterday night.

I'm buying time now. One more week to go before my body can finally break down and fall sick. I don't mind if I fall sick then, but definately not now. I need the stamina and energy to pull myself thru 200 pages of text and a blardi I-really-don't-know-where-to-begin, "can-they-just-go-to-war-and-settle-it-once-for-all" essay. I don't wana fall sick now!!! But it seems that my body is calling for a break...

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