Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Well, I'm not exactly an expert when it come to "love", but all I know is that you really love someone very very deeply, deepest to the right down the bottom of your heart when the following scenario happens...

It's time to get out of the house and you have switched off the fan and closed the window in your room. You ever dearest steps into the room, switches on the fan, says something and leave the room, wanting to leave the house. You then again switch off the fan and proceed out out the room, into the living room. The tv and fan in the living room are still switched on. There you have your ever dearest, sitting down there and telling you to switch off the tv and fan. You must be thinking, "Since he's waiting for me, why didn't he switch off the tv and fan. And why must he switch on the fan in the room again?" When you nag at him, he acts cute and tries to get away with it.

A few things that can follow...
1) If you are trying hard to be angry and still can laugh, you really love this idiot a lot.
2) If you are fuming mad and still can laugh, there's room for improvement.
3) If you are fuming mad and not laughing nor smiling, give the relationship a check.

Then when you hop onto a cab, you realise you had forgotten to bring your hp along.

All the while, I was "1"...

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