Saturday, May 26, 2007


Did I mention that the jingle and slogan/ tagline is so impact-ful and impressed upon me that even the tune is still playing in my head now?! I think the sleep will do me good. Since I'm yawning away and tearing now...

On the other hand, I know how to up the usage of cabs. Ask everyone to do a DETAILED document of creative execution and ROI, and creative, media and promotion OST (Objective, Strategy and Tactics) or even the entire campaign, just what what we are doing; in a competition or something that will win them 1 year worth of free taxi rides. However, they can only work on the document on computers stationed at some ulu samy place. They have to book time slots to use the computers. Those who kena the graveyard slots, good luck. At a ulu samy place, u definately have to take cabs... When they keep booking and taking cabs to and from the ulu samy venue, you create ridership and somehow a habit of taking cabs develops.

Just like this morning, 9 of us left MDIS at freaking 3.30am. I almost wanted to literally camp there overnight. I was even freakingly too tired to go home. Mentally tired because too much brain juices drained and physically tired because I did not had enough sleep. Luckily PR's group assignment would not require sooooo much.

400 entries and still blabbering, ranting, complaining, whining, kaobei-ing, (fill in your word), etc...

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