Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Break? No Break?

Exam ended at 1300hrs on Saturday. Had late lunch with Dear, rested for a while at home and met up with "the guys" for dinner and boardgames. We played Runebound, which was new to us. We kinda ended up trying to figure out the rules (one was trying to read the rules and figure out some loopholes to exploit), figure out how to play the game, how to this and that, but we couldn't finish up one game of it. It was about 2200hrs and the foodcourt was closing, so Dear suggested we move to a nearby boardgame cafe to play a round of Puerto Rico but it was full house. We decided to play mahjong instead, at my place.
It was already morning by the time Dear and I slept. He woke up by noon and tried waking me up, because he knew I had things to do. But, I just slept and slept. By the time I woke up, it was 7 in the evening! Damn, whole day wasted sleeping. Can't be helped by the fact that for the past month, I've been averaging only 5 hours of sleep daily. Watch F1 and watched Man Utd lift the trophy.
Woke up around 1000hrs on Monday. Went to the library to return books, deposit money and buy the plastic covering for my table. I had wanted to "disinfect" my entire room since before CNY, but didn't have the time. 1st on the agenda was my table, which took me whole afternoon. Went out for dinner and grocery shopping, which at that time still not quite done. At night, I tidied my posters.
Slept around 0300hrs and woke up after noon. Met Dear for lunch, went to the bank, stock up on stationery and went for a 2nd round of grocery shopping, but I'm still not finished yet. There are some things which I just can't find. Reached home, rested for a while and embarked on the 2nd part of cleaning my room. I re-wrapped all my stuffed toys and changed my bedsheets and covers. I was tired and playing games on my computers, stoning away, preparing to sleep. Dear called for supper so we went to Bukit Timah to eat. Dear rented Just Follow Law, so we watch it before going to sleep.
Dear woke up early and went home first. I slept all the way till the afternoon. Practically stoned and did nothing then entire day. Now I am sleepy, class is starting tomorrow and I haven't done the readings yet.

Why are classes starting so soon?! I haven't had a long enough break! Sigh...

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