Sunday, May 27, 2007

Lightnings & Thunders

1100: Dear tried to wake me up, but can't.
1130: Found Dear not in bed, went to the living room and saw him playing game. Sat at the beanbag to accompany him and fell asleep.
1135: Dear dragged me back to the room to sleep.
1230: Dear started waking me up again.
1320: I finally woke up.
1400: Reach C&T's place and had lunch with them. After lunch, we started our mahjong.
We had actually set to reach at 1300. Apparently, C woke up late too, around the time I woke up. Haha...

I see loads of lightning, but hear no thunder. Called Dear just now to tell him, but he said he didn't see any. He called back a while later to say that he saw it too. I thought lightnings always come with thunder... Weird...

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