Sunday, May 20, 2007

Boring Telly

I'm in an irritable mood. I feel grouchy.
Maybe I still need sleep to recover from the lack of it. I slept around 2am last night and woke up close to noon just now, and I yawning away already.
Maybe stupid Drogba's goal in the last 5 minutes of yesterday's game, which went into extra time, make me feel dissatisfied.
Maybe Doolittle's elimination from American Idol make me feel sad.

Maybe I just feel lost. While preparing for exams, I was pratically SQUEEZING time in to watch Amazing Race All Stars, American Idol, Heroes and my favourite sports games.
Now the Amazing Race has finished racing, so Mondays nights are boring.
Melinda Doolittle's out of Idol, leaving only my other hopeful Jordin Sparks in the finals, so, I'm kinda half enthusiastic about the show this coming Wednesday and Thursday.
Soccer season is practically over.
There aren't much baseball games on telly.
The only 2 I can count on now Heroes and F1 races. But then again, season 1 of Heroes has wrapped in the US, and countdown is happening here now.
Damn, I need to find some programs to fill the "tv-void". Maybe I should start watching 麻辣天后宫 (Gossip Queen) back again. I stopped watching it for close to 3 months already. I can't start watching my TVB or Jap serials. Because once I start on one episode, I'll carry on and on, no need to do my text readings or study already.

I'm bored and sleepy...

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