Saturday, May 26, 2007

Just For 10?!

For the past 3 nights, I haven't been getting much sleep, averaging about 3 hours every night. Maybe "night" is an understatement, "morning" is a better word to use. All for the freaking sake of 10 freaking points that would make a "B" into an "A". "The-thorn-among-the-roses" (but he says he's the rose among the thorns, hehe...) says that its all for the experience and the one grading us say its to put us on the right track for the post-assignment. Agreeable, but I'm totally drained now... But it's freaking weird that although I'm drained, I still can type and complain about how frreaking drained and tired I am.

I think it was during yesterday's class or the one day before that there is a prize for winning the pitch. My immediate thought was "extra credit", and true enough it was. It was 10 bonus points for the exam. Haha, I got it right! Maybe I can even guess accurately tomorrow's 4D or Monday's Toto numbers. So must buy!!! But I'm tooooo freaking tired to move already.

My bed's calling and enticing me now... Zzz...

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