Monday, June 20, 2005

Werner's Oven

was there ystday with my parents... I like this place. Its very cosy. Although the deco does not look impressive or not worth the pricing u're gonna pay for the meals, its a very nice hang out/ chill out place.

the tables n chairs they use look very cheapo, rite down to the plastic red-white chequered tablecloth, the metal salt/ pepper shakers and metal sugar "jug". Their specials menu is tucked at a left corner n i saw tt only whn i finished my meal. the cashier counter looks like those neighbourhood bakery type, small n not impressive at all. even the cakes n breads r displayed not very attractively.

BUT, the food's great! tt's only provided if u're a meat n potato lover. let's first talk abt soups n side dishes...
the soup portion is small for the pricing indicated. but whn u taste it, u know its the quality tt yr paying for, not the quanity in this area. my mum took the pumpkin soup, she loved it cos it was thick, but not extremely thick n the pumpkin taste was in every spoonful. she said it was definately worth the price.
side dishes, consist of potato salad, green salad, fries, sauerkraut (pickled cabbage) n calamari. might as well not order anything except the calamari, u'll know y later.

there's 2 kinda main meals. 1st, the "normal western" foods.
the "normal" grilled chicken, lamb, etc, chops can either b served with a fries or potato salad. they also have burgers, spaghetti n lagsagne. on the list is also oxtail stew or soup. they also have pita bread for light eaters. the avg pricing for these is abt 10 which is damn worth it for the HUGE portion n taste. my mum order a spaghetti n every mouthful i tried was meat n tomato sauce. the sauce was not too watery n it was proportionate with the pasta. how often do u find yrself eating lousy pasta cos by the time u finished the sauce, u still have 1/3 pasta left, definately not this place.

the other, the german foods. they are slightly pricier, on avg, 17. but the portion was HUGE! over here, u definately have to "under" order to finish all the food. the tables ard me all can't finish, at least 1/2 of the sides accompaning the main dish was left on the plate. on this section of the menu, all dishes are served wif potatoes, salad, mashed, sauteed, wedged, french fried or boiled. here, u'll find pork knuckle, meatloafs, lots of kinda sausage, grilled fish, steak, all german style.
i ordered the meatloaf wif sauteed potatoes & fried egg. meatloaf tasted like a huge slob of ham, good ham. sauteed potatoes were nicely n just rite seasoned not too hard, not too soft, just all nice n rite. the fried egg is a sunny side up.
my dad ordered a bread-crumbed boneless pork loin wif green salad & wedged potatoes. the pork wasnt too tough n was just all nice n rite. the lettuce in the green salad was juicy n sweet. the wedgies were yummy, deep fried just nice to perfection.

there we were, eating n trying each others food. normally u would eat main dish a bit, side a bit. then we were already 3/4 way there. there was 1/4 spaghetti left, 1/4 pork loin, 1/2 meatloaf, 1/3 portion of the wedgies n 1/3 of the sauteed potatoes.
so, ta bao was on the cards, 1/4 pork loin n 1/2 meatloaf... we finished the spaghetti, salad n potatoes. now u know y thr's no need to order the sides, cos the main courses' portion is HUGE! they have a 3-person set worth 75 bucks. if judging by the scenario above, unless the 3 persons r big eaters or they had forgo a meal b4 this, pls do not attempt. it seriously looked like it was meant for 5.

desserts r very extremely reasonably prices too. even the drinks... everything here is priced reasonably. portion wise, quality wise, taste wise. like wht chinese say, wu chao shuo zhi... best of all, no service charge, but of cos u have to pay for gst as per usual.

Whn u're there, be sure to check out the cakes, pastry n breads. like wht i said, they dun look attractive, but they sure taste good. although we din tried, the sastified looks on other patrons tell it all whn thy had an after-meal cake or pastry. do check them out at

ps: unless yr damn familiar with the siglap area, its kinda hard to find, cos their signage is too damn small.
hint: if travelling by car, ard the point whr east coast rd meets upper east coast road, look out for a starbucks, galare cafe n 7-11 placed together. look the other side of the road for a shell station n a public carpark. most advisable to park at tt carpark. after parking, dun cross the road, but walk along it, away from the shell station. keep yr eyes to the left, once u finished the carpark stretch, u'll c werner's over hidden at the bottom of a bldg of walk up apartments.
if travelling by bus, alight whr u would normally at the siglap stretch n walk over.

pork knuckle's next on my list, wht yours?

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