Monday, June 27, 2005

Initial D

Initial D was damn good. I really dun mind watching it again. Seriously, the dubbing was quite a pain to listen to, esp the lady who dubbed for Anne Suzuki, jus seemed too fake. n since jay's more fluent in chinese, he pratically just adr-ed his own part. d rest were jus ok... mayb should try to watch it in cantonese to see which dubbing is worse.

acting wise, everyone was good.
jay was jus being himself, not much acting to mention.
wang qiu sheng was damn good, really damn good, he should get a nomination for this.
Kenny bee was great too n the role is so totally un-him.
shawn yue n edison both were just as sauve n cool too.
anne suzuki was just acting cute, which is kinda easy given her cute face.
another fella worth nomination is chapman to, with his duh expression put onto certain lines, it really gave off comical effect n he knows when to use it, when not to.
geng hong ge's (as how jay n xiao zhu call him) chracter was meant to irritate n arrogant. n he did irritate me with the arrogance. glad tt he has a chanve to act in a big movie at last.
chen xiao chun's fans will be damn disappointed. although his billing is kinda "nice", saying zhu yan, he's actual timing doesn't really qualify for it. seems more like guest star, not much room for him to show his acting skills.

soundtrack is damn wonderful! i'm gonna get it once it hit the stores.

in all, i think the only "cocked up" thing in the movie is the billing. like wht i mentioned, chen xiao chun wasnt really zhu yan, but rather ke chuan, so was gen hong ge. even edison n shawn had ling xian zhu yan, but compared to jay or even chapman to, thy had lesser timing on screen. movie billing is one thing, on the movie poster it says another thing. funny billings...

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