Monday, June 27, 2005

Fever's back...

I've never enjoyed n tire myself out so much since i've been diagnosed. to the extent i think tt's part of the reason my fever's back...

22nd, Wednesday, was a long long day for me. after radiotherapy, i went for lunch wif my mum n dear. thn after, we spent one whole hour waiting to see the chinese sinseh. after we saw him, it was already 3+. we had dessert n my mum went home. since we r miting my colleagues at safra@mt faber, dear n i decided to hang ard at haborfront. we took a bus down n settled down at food junction. i ordered a mushroom omelette from han's n finished the whole thing. only leaving the fries n side salad for me dear. i was too full already n the side salad's coleslaw had too much lemon, making my throat uncomfy.
we left ard 5, only to see a very long q at the taxi stand. luckily we were 5 mins early cos the q doubled the moment we stepped in. we ktv-ed till 8 then proceeded for dinner.
i din wan to take chinese food but there wasn't much food i fancied, even if i wanted, like bee hoon kuah, i cant take it cos of my throat. so the next best thing was chap chye bee hoon or kuay tiao hongkong. so i ordered kuay tiao hongkong. not nice one... so i just ate the veges. after dinner, jerry drove us back.

23rd, Thursday, eve of my bday. after radiotherapy, dear n i went down for lunch at marina sq's food court. qui lian ban mian really dropped in standard. in the end i only ate the veges. thn i ordered another tau suan to fill up my empty stomach. but whn i finished my you tiao, the tau suan din taste as good already. wht's tau suan without the you tiao...
after lunch, it was show time! Initial D time! so proud of myself to catch it on the opening day. hehe... really enjoyed the show. after the show we took a bus home, n i slept like a log on the bus. reached home, sleep somemore.
at nite, i cant get to sleep. keep tossing n turning. toss n turn n felt my fever came back. can't recall if 22nd or 21st nite i had fever too. but i can remember this cos it was eve of my bday, n i wanted to get well cos it's my bday the next day.

24th, Friday, offically turned 24. dear made me look for the gifts, but too restless n irritated by the sleepness nite to do it. went for radiotherapy n had lunch. then went home to zzz. the last 2 days really drained me out. really had no energy to go anywhr or do anything. i just zzz.
same sleepness nite. toss n turned till 1am, finally zzz. woke up at 5am. thn cant get to zzz. could feel my temp rising at ard 6... took my temp, took 2 panadol, slept ard 7. got woken by my mum ard 12 to start preparing for lunch.

25th, Saturday, woke up, bathed, started to help prepare lunch. dear came over n wanted to "help" whn he saw me in the kitchen. but the expression on his face gives him away, cos he's in for the fun! the gals came over n we had lunch. while snacking, we watch finished 5 epis of mi qing jia zu, a tvb series. at 6+, we cut the cake thy had bought for me.
after eating the cake, we made our way down to mit the rest of our classmates at cineleisure. we had a bite n something to drink. chatted for a while thn decided to leave the place ard 10+ n make our way to safra@ mt faber for bowling.
we waited for quite a while before we got our lanes. n we only played one game. dear n i went home, while the rest of them went to eat. i needed to get home to take my temp cos i dun feel right n soccer has already started.
just as i guessed as much, my temp was 38. took 2 panadols n watch the 2nd half of the match wif my dear. after the match he went home, while i went straight to bed, straight to zzz, no toss n turn.

26th, Sunday, probably the worst day of my bday wkend. everything was ok at first. till abt 6, i felt something's not rite. after my mum cooked dinner ard 6+, i immediately ate n measured my temp. it was abt 37.5... slightly aft 7, i took 2 panadols. but my temp kept increasing. by 9, i started to feel cold n thn started to shiver. my sis had to help take my temp for me. it was 38.7... i was shivering damn badly n my teeth were chattering. mum had to feed me warm water thru a straw. temp taken again, this time, 39.4, my parents decided to take me to Mt. E's A&E.
although mine's not much of a A&E case, but 39.4 was too high to disregard for a cancer patient like me. n in my case like tis, i wun wana c a gp cos thr's too much explanation to do n a gp would just give some fever medication n call for d next patient.
at A&E, the doc gave me nurofen to take immediately n took my blood (ouch, again...) for testing. results were out abt 1 hour later, so in between, i called my dear to see if he could come down... according to the doc, all my blood level counts r ok. except for the 4 diff white blood counts. he said one had too much percentage n said if my fever continues to be like tt, he would wana do further checks on me to c if i have any viral or bacteria infection or even dengue fever. he said dengue had a window period, so too early, blood test aso cant tell. by then, my fever had dropped to 37.9...
he gave me more nurofen n a 3 day course of antibiotics. the antibiotics is a 7 bucks per pill white simple looking thing. i have to take 2 once i've eaten something whn reach home.

today, same thing as usual... radiotherapy, lunch, home, nap. woke up to find myself feverish again... took oats, took nurofen at ard 6+. took temp every half an hour. reached 38.4 at 8+. decided to have something to eat thn have my antibiotics. after tt, my temp keep dropping. no more fever! but kept craving for food. in the end, i made half a can of campbell to eat. now, time to zzz...

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