Friday, May 02, 2008

Brief Update

Hola from America!!!

Sorry for not producing updates sooner. I'm well and fine in America, Oklahoma City although a weather report has just interrupted a tv program and issued a tornado warning. I'm currently 13 hours behind Singapore time, but will still be updating using SG time.

Did not sleep much on the flights to OK, was buying groceries and essential stuff and much settling down and unpacking, attending classes later, I'm short of sleep...
Sheepishly, I do admit, I'm still in the midst of catching up with my beauty sleep. But I promise full entries will be done asap.


daphne maia said...

hey babe. hope u're having fun there!! :)

btw, at the end of each entry u shd write manually what is the time n where u are. haha. then we wont get confused, n we dont have to do the math! :P

chillycraps said...



hey take care and when u have time, update us ok! Photos would be nice =P